Secure Logiq unveils Logiqal File System at IFSEC 2016

Secure Logiq unveils Logiqal File System at IFSEC 2016


As big data meets IP CCTV Secure Logiq's latest storage innovation is a scalable distributed filing system providing the highest system availability and resilience to the security industry today.

Bespoke filing systems have been used for years to protect sensitive and mission critical data. There is nothing more data intensive than video other than multiple streams of HD video data and IP CCTV cameras are increasing in resolution and frame rate at a rapid pace. All new significant CCTV projects now employ IP megapixel cameras. Secure Logiq has taken the lead in the convergence of enterprise class storage solutions with the rapidly evolving IP CCTV arena through the introduction of the Logiqal File System (LFS)*.

Adoption of 4K technology will rapidly make 8MP cameras the norm, this teamed with plummeting storage costs will dramatically increase processing and storage requirements in CCTV projects. Even using the best components available, technology failures are inevitable. LFS is designed with mission critical, large camera count projects in mind such as airports, stadia, government, military and infrastructure. For a small premium over conventional recording server technology, users can have the confidence that their archive is protected and available even through equipment failure but at a fraction of the price of IT Centric distributed storage solutions.

To guarantee uninterrupted system availability the Logiqal File System (LFS) dynamically manages the behaviour of the of the storage system. Unlike storage systems which only distribute video data and parity across disk groups in a chassis (RAID), LFS distributes data and parity across multiple hardware nodes. No other scale-out IP video storage solution matches LFS's capability to protect your CCTV archive from both the loss of an entire node as well as from ordinary disk failures.

As projects grow Secure Logiq's LFS allows systems to be expanded easily and cost effectively by simply adding storage nodes which our managed intelligent storage will simply absorb into the storage pool with no loss of data. In fact storage resources and efficiency increase as a system size increases, the larger the solution, the lower the cost implication of 99.999% availability.

For the first time Intelligent managed high availability storage solutions have been brought to you from IP Video experts from within the industry rather than by IT experts with little or no knowledge of IP CCTV.

Visit Secure Logiq at IFSEC at London Excel from 21st to 23rd June, stand F300 for a demonstration of LFS and to view their full range of specialised server, workstation and client technology optimised for HD and IP surveillance.

*A cross-industry integration with EditShare's EFS EditShare

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