Another Industry first – Secure Logiq releases 'Analytics Optimised' servers

Another Industry first – Secure Logiq releases 'Analytics Optimised' servers


As pricing of video analytics trends downwards, even becoming a free feature set in a few of the Enterprise VMS offerings, there is a very real danger that customers will start to use them without first considering the exceedingly high processing requirements that these advanced software features will require. Different manufacturers' analytics have different requirements; some prefer high clock speed rather than more processing cores, some use GPU offload engines like CUDA from nVidia. Getting it wrong can cause the system to crash, slow down or become unstable.

Secure Logiq have released an IP video and IT Industry first, a cost effective ‘Analytics Optimised’ range of servers. The ‘HA Series’ fulfils the requirement for an Enterprise server range with improved processing capabilities, designed and optimised for video analytics. Our in-house Logiqal Benchmark software allows us to accurately predict the processing Benchmark Points for each analytic for each camera to provide the best solution.

Taking advantage of the latest i7 Extreme edition processors enables a higher clock speed more suitable for VCA as opposed to Xeon processors which are more suited to high-end video processing. The ‘HA series’ server range is optimised for video analytics as well as the video processing and storage function. Typically a server being used for all of these functions will require less storage due to the limited number of video analytics channels one can run on a single server, teamed with the storage efficiencies that accurate video analytics can make. An Optional GPU upgrade adds additional processing functionality where GPU offload improves performance as well as adding 4 x 4K monitor outputs for use as a Workstation.

Server based analytics can offer financial and operational advantages over camera based solutions. At a small premium over our standard server range the HA Series ‘Analytics Optimised’ products carry all of the mission critical resilience you would expect from Secure Logiq including Dual Redundant PSU, OS and application on 2 x SSD in RAID1, Hardware RAID and our in-house Logiqal Healthcheck software. Integrators are able to contact Secure Logiq for a guaranteed solution or simply pick a product from ‘HA Range’ depending on the processing, storage and application.

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