Government backed investment approved

SL investment round receives government backing


Secure Logiq Ltd has been granted Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Assurance by HMRC thereby attracting significant tax relief and protection for all private Investors.

Secure Logiq is currently having a fantastic trading year and are on track to bring in over £1 million in orders this year – approaching 400% growth in their first full year of trading.  In their first investment round Secure Logiq are just over half way to their £300,000 Investment goal, but are still keen to attract further Investment from anyone who wants to back what is shaping up to be a great British manufacturing success story.

As High Definition becomes the ‘de facto’ standard in professional security installations Secure Logiq brings to the industry the missing piece of the HD Surveillance Jigsaw by manufacturing a range of hardware appliances specifically designed and optimised to efficiently store, transmit and display multiple streams of HD video data.

Secure Logiq’s company ethos is based on four core principles – to provide the Fastest Performance, the Biggest Storage, the Most Resilience and the Best Value in HD processing and storage technology.

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