HD Servers for Enterprise HD Surveillance applications

With our entry level server technology having double the throughput of ‘off the shelf’ IT focused solutions, Secure Logiq’s HD Surveillance Servers have been specifically optimised to handle multiple streams of HD video data efficiently.

Secure Logiq have worked extensively with industry leading VMS manufacturers to remove the limitations traditionally restricting server throughput creating the most powerful HD Surveillance Servers available on the market today.

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HPS-1U-M Series 700Mbps up to 24TB RAID5 n/a 1U LOW-7546
HPS-2U-M Series 700Mbps up to 80TB RAID5+HS n/a 2U LOW-7546
HPS-4U-M Series 700Mbps up to 256TB RAID50+HS n/a 4U LOW-7546
HPS-2U-H Series 1500Mbps up to 80TB RAID5+HS n/a 2U MED-11340
HPS-4U-H Series 1500Mbps up to 256TB RAID50+HS n/a 4U MED-11340
HPS-2U-U Series 2000Mbps up to 80TB RAID5+HS n/a 2U HIGH-17024
HPS-4U-U Series 2000Mbps up to 256TB RAID50+HS n/a 4U HIGH-17024
HPS-4U-XL Series 4000+Mbps up to 660TB 3 x RAID6 n/a 4U HIGH-17024