Powerful Multi-monitor HD Client Machines

Secure Logiq clients are designed for use where dedicated multi-monitor viewing positions are required. Processor heavy with advanced graphics cards and featuring the Operating System on solid state disk for intrinsic stability these clients will handle as many HD video streams as the VMS allows.

With up to 4 monitor outputs per client in the compact range and 8 monitor outputs in the tower these machines are suitable for anything from an operator desk to a control room or monitor wall environment.

Secure Logiq clients include 1TB on board storage for fast easy access archiving and USB 3.0 for exporting video the external devices.

If you can't find what you are looking for please study our bespoke products page here.

HPC-D2 n/a 1TB JBOD n/a 1 x 4K, 1 x HD Video MID-TOWER n/a
HPC-D4 n/a 1TB JBOD n/a 4 x 4K Video MID-TOWER n/a
HPC-D8 n/a 1TB JBOD RAID1 8 x 4K Video MID-TOWER n/a
HPC-V2 n/a 1TB JBOD RAID1 1 x 4K, 1 x HD Video 1U n/a
HPC-V4 n/a 1TB JBOD RAID1 4 x 4K Video 1U n/a