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Support Procedures

At Secure Logiq we have the opinion that it is only a great product if it has great support, this forms a fundamental part of our value proposition. One common question is ‘How can you compete with a global on-site warranty?’ and the answer is simple: we design systems with added resilience that simply do not go wrong in the field. Redundant Disks and PSUs ensure that the most common server components to fail have hot spares and our servers will continue to function normally even after disk and power supply failure. All appliances are soak and stress tested in-house prior to despatch and on request can be preloaded with VMS and licences at no extra charge if required.

All Secure Logiq products have a minimum 3-year advance replacement warranty and Enterprise products carry a 5 year next business day onsite warranty globally. All products have lifetime telephone support and remote assistance. If a hot-swap component has failed we will send a replacement out the same business day and you can follow our innovative and simple to understand video guide to quickly install it when it arrives. By far the most common server components to fail are the power supplies and hard drives. All Enterprise Secure Logiq units feature Hot-swap Dual Redundant Power supplies and Hot-swap disks in RAID5 as a minimum so can continue running normally without data loss even with a hard drive and PSU failure. Our unique system architecture means that any time taken to rebuild a RAID system is a fraction of our competitors and has negligible effect on system resources or the performance of the system.

Any onsite Technical problems can be diagnosed and resolved using our free remote support services, given access rights we also have the capability to remotely rebuild machines. Finally, should you need one to one assistance we offer free multi-lingual telephone Technical support during UK business hours.

In order to provide the very best level of support, we ask that you follow the following basic procedures.

  1. Our support obligations are to Secure Logiq customers and do not extend to the end user except under exceptional circumstances to be agreed by the support department.
  2. For first-line Technical support please consult our Stage 1 troubleshooting guide. You may be surprised but these 5 steps will solve or dismiss 90% of Technical issues. The Stage 1 Troubleshooting guide can be found by clicking on the link or requesting a copy from your representative.
  3. In the first instance please direct all technical support enquiries to the support department, only if they are unable to help or do not respond in a timely manner escalate to your Sales contact. Support contact details are as follows: Tel: +44 (0) 20 3475 5743 Email: support@securelogiq.com
  4. A member of technical staff will always be available during UK business hours at these contact details but please feel free to try them at any time as it is not uncommon for our technical team to work 20 hours per day. These guys design and build the equipment and are experts in IP Video, server technology and networking but please note only technical enquiries relating to our equipment will be prioritised but we will help where we can.
  5. Please have ready for support the serial number (found at the rear and top of the server) or order number for the appliance in question and a detailed description of the problem.
  6. For the fastest resolution for any technical problems, remote access will speed up the troubleshooting resolution process and minimise the contribution from your engineering team, in fact, they may not need to attend site at all. All Secure Logiq devices are shipped with Logmein access for both our engineers and yours and also feature IPMI which allows our engineers to remotely diagnose and rebuild a server without a host operating system even if there are no signs of life, the server simply needs a Power cable and network cable in the back. Our recommended good practice is for engineers to carry a 3G/4G dongle for remote access even on sites where WAN connection is not possible.
  7. If the system continues to run but a replacement hot-swap component is required the engineer will arrange this with you. In the event that the engineer cannot resolve the issue and a server replacement is required the engineer will arrange for an advance replacement to be sent at the earliest opportunity, the timing of the call will determine if a courier is able to pick the unit up from us for next day delivery. Faulty units will be replaced with a new replacement in the first 12 months of warranty, however, we reserve the right to send a service replacement of similar age an equal or better specification for the remainder of the warranty period. Advance replacements are not available for custom units though we will arrange for a suitable substitute machine to be sent for the duration of repair if possible. It is important to note that we have not encountered a single critical server failure in 4 years of server manufacturer.
  8. All repairs within the warranty period will be free of charge inclusive of parts and labour. Exceptions to this are where the appliance has been tampered with (without the express permission of Secure Logiq) or poorly installed, badly maintained or damaged.

Our best practice guides to Server installation and server maintenance can be found by clicking on the links in the knowledge base. It is important to report faults to us as soon as you are aware they exist, a faulty fan may not cause any immediate alarm but over time could cause significantly more important and expensive components to fail as they overheat. Whilst we have minimal support requirements due to only utilising the best quality, field proven components with vigorous quality control and stress testing we are constantly striving to improve our support levels. We aim to increase support to 24/7 as we expand globally and in some cases may be able to offer advanced support packages such as 4 hour response or routine remote healthchecks. For more information on the Secure Logiq warranty please visit https://securelogiq.com/knowledge-bases/warranty/