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In need of failover protection?

Emergencies don't come with a warning

One of the advantages of utilising a hardware supplier with both IT expertise and vast IP CCTV experience is our ability to understand your customer requirements and offer advanced failover models to meet any budget. From High Availability (99.9% uptime) to Fault Tolerance (99.999% uptime), N+1 Failover to mirrored management and storage servers.or duplicate offsite recording for mission critical cameras for complete peace of mind, Secure Logiq have a solution for you. We can even offer failover for Video Analytics and VMS applications that do not have a failover function!

Let the figures speak for themselves

Downtime Stats

Prepare for the unexpected with failover safeguards you can rely on

Length of unplanned downtime events:

Most common causes of downtime:

Hardware Failure

Upgrades & Migration

Human Error

“Always On” is the only option for building security systems!

What are the “true costs” if a system goes down in an emergency?

Annual downtime costs for small, medium & large companies:

Top concerns for true consequences of security system downtime:

31% Loss of Data or Informations

29% Comprimised security

27% Safety

21% Financial