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Things you may need to know!

Thank you for purchasing a server from Secure Logiq. We take great pride in providing high quality server equipment specially designed for IP surveillance systems. We have every faith that you will be 100% satisfied with our equipment, but in the unfortunate event of an issue please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we are always here to help and can often provide sound advice over the phone.

This page contains some important information with regards to your machine

Windows Administrator Password

For Windows client operating systems such as Windows 7 or Windows 10:
By default, Secure Logiq do not configure user accounts or setup passwords on a Windows client operating system.

If you are adding this machine to a domain then the domain policies should take care of user accounts. If you are not adding this machine to a domain then we strongly recommend that you configure an administrator account to prevent unauthorised access to the unit.

For Windows server operating systems such as Windows Server 2016 or Server 2019:
By default, Secure Logiq will have set the Administrator account password to; PassworD! (Capital P, Capital D, Exclamation Mark, All other letters lower case)

We strongly recommend changing the administrator password prevent unauthorised access to the unit.

Windows Updates

It is important to keep your operating system up to date, especially if the system is online. By default, Windows updates are left enabled, however should you not want the machine to restart automatically during updates you can either turn updates off or setup a schedule for the updates. If you do decide to turn windows updates off, it is recommended you do these updates manually as part of a regular maintenance procedure.

Remote Support:
In order to provide the best level of support in the market, a software utility called Logmein is pre-installed on the machine, this enables us to gain remote access to the machine should you have a problem we need to investigate. By default, the logmein access to the server is protected by the Windows user account and password. Passwords should be set as part of your commissioning procedure. Should you wish you can disable or uninstall this program.

Logiqal Healthcheck PRO – Server Monitoring Software:
As standard all Secure Logiq products are shipped with a default installation of Logiqal Healthcheck Pro. Logiqal Healthcheck Pro is a hardware monitoring platform developed by Secure Logiq for use on our hardware, it allows you to remotely monitor the health of a machine and get real-time notifications providing a warning for abnormal hardware usage as well as temperature and component failure.

Logiqal Healthcheck Pro is available free of charge to our Enterprise partners, if you don’t already have an account please visit https://www.securelogiq.com/register-hcpro where you can register for one.

When using LHCP all traffic is outgoing though an encrypted SSL connection (The same level of encryption as internet banking) and contains only information relevant to the health monitoring application. No site, sensitive or personal data is sent via the HealtchCheck software, making it fully compliant with GDPR.

Contact Us Details

Email: support@securelogiq.com
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3475 5743
In person: Unit B1 Fleming Centre, Fleming Way, Crawley, RH10 9NN

We are open Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00, we are closed on all public holidays

For when were not open please try visiting https://www.securelogiq.com/knowledge-base where you can find a selection of documents, the Secure Logiq Support Procedures document contains relevant information to Server Installation, Server Maintenance and Trouble Shooting.