Bespoke Solutions

The Secure Logiq standard product range encompasses what we believe to be the best industry fit for most HD surveillance server applications. Other growing technologies in the CCTV industry such as Video Content Analytics, Video stitching  and ultra high resolution cameras may have different requirements from our off-the-shelf products and at Secure Logiq we have the experience and technical knowhow to quickly scope, quote, design and build servers to any specification to meet your customer requirements.

Some examples of technologies we have worked with historically include:

  • Low cost solutions
  • Ultra high throughput - Servers running up to 4000 Mbps in a single machine
  • Ultra High Storage - Servers with up to 500TB on board storage
  • Low Power solutions - sub 50W servers for battery and solar power applications
  • Miniature solutions - full power servers with a very small physical footprint
  • Ruggedised and vibration-proof solutions – for vehicle or deployable scenarios
  • Deviations on monitor outputs – client workstations tested with 24 monitor outputs

If you require a solution that falls outside of our standard product range please contact our Sales department who will be happy to quote a bespoke product which meets your requirements.