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The Advantages of Working with Secure Logiq

Secure Logiq are an IT hardware manufacturer but more importantly a security solutions designer. We only work in the security system space, providing hardware from small to very large projects. 

Since 2011 Secure Logiq have been developing the missing piece of the HD surveillance jigsaw, servers specifically designed for HD surveillance. A new concept in the surveillance industry, our team of technical experts have over 200 years of both IP CCTV and server experience and boasts respected thought leaders from both the HD Surveillance and IT hardware industries.

In a short space of time Secure Logiq have become the world’s leading independent manufacturer of servers, workstations and client machines optimised for HD Surveillance and Video Analytics applications.

This document is designed to provide an overview of the core offering from Secure Logiq that sets us apart from our competitors

  • System Design Guarantee – Internal benchmarking and an in-depth knowledge of all industry leading VMS solutions means that the Secure Logiq design team will offer you an optimised solution, reducing project costs and TCO whilst minimising power and rack space requirements. The Secure Logiq design guarantee means that if our team design a system for you and there is any shortcoming in storage or processing, we will make this up at our own expense. Most quotations can be turned around in 24 Hours.
  • 5 year next business day warranty free of charge on all enterprise servers globally and lifetime support provided by the hardware experts in the security industry. 
  • Open Platform Hardware and software – no lock in codes or expiring utilities. 
  • Secure Logiq expertise in IT hardware and Security applications – from the start of your Secure Logiq journey you will be guided by experts in both IT Hardware and IP Surveillance, we don’t just understand the server we are selling you but also every system component connected to it offering unparalleled levels of pre and post-sales support. 
  • Manufactured in the UK – all Secure Logiq products are hand assembled in our purpose built 13000 Sq ft manufacturing facility in London. Utilising only Enterprise components all product is soak, load and stress tested prior to despatch, the secret to our near zero failure rate. There is no intermediate OEM partner. Because of this pre and post-sales support is from us, the original manufacturer with an expertise in IP CCTV. Often hardware support can fall to a third-party IT manufacturer with little to no knowledge of electronic security. 
  • Fast delivery – a large component stock and self-developed Internal systems mean that any order can be built and despatched within 10-12 working days.
  • Prestaging – because we are building the units we can easily install any software required during the build process to reduce your time and complications on site. Even large scale SAN storage projects come set up ready to use out of the box. Units can also be put online for remote access before they ship. 
  • Vast range of products – every product can be customized during the build process to provide the absolute optimum solution for the application and not just finding the best fit. 
  • Support – an innovative concept in this sector, once you have purchased a Secure Logiq product, support is from the people who actually built and sold you the product in the first place. All Secure Logiq staff are experts in IP Surveillance and prioritise the preserving of video archives, system settings and software licences over providing the fastest fix. Our in-house Logiqal Healthcheck Pro utility allows you to monitor all Secure Logiq hardware in the field in real-time, creating alerts and providing a warning for abnormal hardware usage as well as temperature issues and component failure. IPMI allows us to interrogate and rebuild a server remotely even if the OS has been lost.
  • Training – We believe well informed customers reduce support requirements. We offer a large selection of on demand training courses to ensure our partners are fully aware of the best practices, we can tailor these courses to the needs of any client. 
  • High Tech – Low Impact – Minimising our impact on the environment is at the heart of everything we do. Our products and overall solutions offer reduced energy consumption through good design lowering lower the total amount of hardware required offering power savings over our competition’s product with associated .reductions in global carbon emissions.
  • Award winning – Secure Logiq’s environmental efforts has been recognized with an Intersec Award for Security Sustainability Service of the year. Secure Logiq won the award for its efforts offsetting the carbon of the electronic security manufacturing sector. We have also won Benchmark Innovation awards for both hardware and software products.
  • Global Reach – Secure Logiq have systems installed in over 60 countries around the world.
  • Logiqal Benchmark testing and verification tool – an in-house software utility allowing us to create a complete virtual environment replicating your entire IP Surveillance system and providing proof that the server hardware is fit for purpose. This software is unique and not offered by any other server manufacturer globally.
  • Logiqal Healthcheck Pro – a free utility bringing a complete suite of management tools to ensure, at a glance, our customers global customer security estates are secure, optimised and fully operational at all times. Visual confirmation utilising a simple to understand traffic light system confirms the operational status of every customer site, either as icons or displayed live on a map and allows the security network and server hardware to be monitored from a single screen.