Lead Forensics

Server Installation

Common Sense Rules

  1. Follow standard procedures for avoiding static electricity
  • Avoid clothing like polyester and wool which can create static build-up
  • Do not pass components from one person directly to another by hand
  • Get rid of any electrical charge by touching an exposed metal part of any item that is correctly grounded (such as a rack or computer that has the power cable connected)
  • Use anti-static wristbands and/or anti-static mats where necessary
  1. Make sure the equipment is correctly grounded – including the rack
  1. Make sure your power supply is suitable for running your equipment
  1. It is recommended to install surge protection and/or a UPS system
  1. Avoid placing food or drink on or near the equipment
  1. Do not block any vents on the machine

Installation Environment

It is important to make sure the server is installed in a suitable environment to maintain reliable operation.  Some points to note:

  1. It is important to ensure sufficient cooling for the system.  If the server is to be installed in a closed environment such as a cupboard, then suitable air-flow will need to be installed so that the heat can be dispersed away from the machine.
  1. If the machine is installed in an environment that can lead to dust build-up in the machine then the cleaning schedule should be adjusted accordingly

Installing the machine in a rack

Connect the two pieces of the rail together and slid them apart as shown in the diagram. 

Install the rails in your rack as shown above.

Slide the server into the rails as shown above.

Removing the machine from a rack

Slide the machine out until it stops, then pull the release mechanism as shown above to complete removal.

Back of the Machine

Front of the Machine