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Secure Logiq Product Now Shipping With Logiqal Healthcheck

A free software tool to reduce support requirements whilst increasing support performance, Logiqal Healthcheck Lite is Secure Logiq’s free health monitoring and alerting facility. Designed for mission critical Enterprise IP CCTV installations by Secure Logiq’s team of IP video and server hardware experts Logiqal Healthcheck lite features adjustable parameters to raise alerts via email or SMS in the event that Secure Logiq hardware is experiencing technical, temperature or throughput issues or if a component is struggling or requires replacement.

Logiqal Healthchecks self-intuitive and easy to use GUI is preinstalled on all Secure Logiq Enterprise hardware and features a traffic light warning system for ‘at a glance’ peace of mind that all connected Secure Logiq hardware is running at 100% functionality. Historical data mapping / collection will allow customers to instantly establish at exactly what time and date problems arose and quickly identify recurring fluctuations in temperature / throughput, etc. caused by environmental changes on site.