Logiqal Support

At Secure Logiq we have the opinion that it is only a great product if it has great support, this forms a fundamental part of our value proposition.  One common question is ‘How can you compete with a global on-site warranty?’ and the answer is simple: we design systems with added resilience that simply do not go wrong in the field, we have never had a critical server failure that involved recording downtime. Redundant Disks and PSUs ensure that the most common server components to fail have hot spares and our servers will continue to function normally even after disk and power supply failure.

All Secure Logiq products have a 3 year advance replacement warranty. If a hot swap component has failed we will send a replacement out the same business day and you can follow our innovative and simple to understand video guide to quickly install it when it arrives.

Our unique system architecture means that any time taken to rebuild a RAID system is a fraction of our competitors and has negligible effect on system resources or the performance of the system.

Any onsite Technical problems can be diagnosed and resolved using our free remote support services, our technical experts even have the capability to remotely rebuild machines that are switched off! Finally should you need one to one assistance we offer free multi-lingual telephone Technical support during UK business hours.

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